Plan a Gangtok Tour to Unravel the Mysticism of Tsuk La Khang Monastery

Gangtok, which is situated at an elevation of 1600 m above sea level, is the capital city of the state of Sikkim. The city boasts of some interesting attractions, delectable cuisine and charming dance forms that impress tourists a lot. In terms of attractions, it is varied including Tsomgo Lake, Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary, Mount Katao, Himalayan Zoological Park, Seven Sisters Waterfall, Deer Park and Tashi View Point. Additionally, the monasteries of this city are also quite popular and thronged by a number of tourists for their peaceful ambience and serene environment. Among these monasteries, Tsuk La Khang, is a famous one that has all the elements of spirituality, rich history and architectural beauty. You can plan a Gangtok tour to visit this amazing monastery to immerse yourself in complete tranquillity.


Tsuk La Khang Monastery


This monastery is situated in the premises of Royal Palace in Gangtok and has served as the gompa for the erstwhile Royal Family of Sikkim. A prime place of worship, Tsuk La Khang houses some of the most important Buddhist scriptures. It is a two-storey building with resplendent  architecture. At each of its corners, you can witness magnificent wooden sculptures. Inside the monastery, there are life-size murals and altars, which showcase images of Lord Buddha. Incense of juniper (coniferous plant lit for its pleasant smell) lends a divine atmosphere to the place along with beautiful butter lamps lit on the pathways.


Many festivals are celebrated in this monastery every year, the most famous of which is the one dedicated to the God of Khanchendzonga. Other popular festivals include the black hat dance celebrated during Tibetan new year and Chaam or mask dance performed during Phang Labhsol and Loosong, which are the festivals of Sikkimese new year. Visit the monastery for an enchanting experience by availing attractive Gangtok tour packages available on various travel portals.


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