Plan a holiday to the Splendid Tso Moriri Lake Courtesy India Tour Packages

Nestled in the lap of the majestic Himalayan mountains, Ladakh is a captivating place in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The breathtaking natural beauty of this region and its largest town, Leh, create a surreal environment, which makes visitors forget all worldly pursuits. Starting from visiting religious shrines and high-altitude lakes to trekking on hilly mountains, there is a lot to indulge in this sparsely-populated area. This astounding region is home to many spiritual places, prominent amongst them being the Buddhist monasteries. Tso Moriri Lake, one of the pristine lakes of India, is situated in this mountainous region. If you are planning a visit to this spectacular destination, then you can choose from a list of India Tour Packages that include trips to this region.

Beauty on Nature

Tso Moriri Lake is situated in the Rupshu Valley, which lies south-east of Leh. The name of this lake literally means – lake of the mountains. Mesmerising shades of Prussian blue colour of the lake transforms the valley into a divine panorama. Located at an elevation of 4900 m above sea level, this lake flows for about 19 km.

Besides being a natural attraction, this lake and its surroundings serve as home to many exotic birds including brahmi ducks and bar-headed geese. Also, you can witness animals like marmots, kiangs and the native blue sheep in this area. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, this wonderful lake is the ideal place to experience peace and calmness and thus, you must include visiting this place during your Leh Ladakh Tour.

The ideal time to visit this lake and its surroundings is during the summer months, when the temperatures remain pleasant in all likelihood. During winters, Tso Moriri completely freezes, and it becomes almost impossible to survive here. Since the lake is near to Line of Actual Control, an Inner Line Permit (an official document required to enter into a restricted area) is mandatory to visit here.


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