Celebrate Theyyam Festival by Availing Kerala Holiday Packages

Kerala is a land of natural beauty, which is evident in its beautiful hill stations, serene beaches and scenic backwaters. The verdant surroundings and pleasant weather make it a delightful destination for people who wish a break from the monotonous routine of life. For those who want to relax themselves in the lap of nature, this state has innumerable Ayurveda and Yoga centres that follow ages-old practices of rejuvenating body and soul. Besides these, this state boasts of a rich cultural heritage, which can be seen during its extravagant celebrations. One such event is the Theyyam Festival, which is celebrated with pomp and grandeur every year. If you wish to be a part of this grand celebration, then choose from any online travel packages in India that include tours to this state.

A Dance Festival dedicated to Deities

Theyyam is an ancient form of deity worship and religious ritual in Kerala that literally means the dance of Gods. The Theyyam Festival is a six-month long event, which is held every year between the Malayalam months of Thullam and Edavam. Kannur and Kasargod are the two places where this dance festival is celebrated in the most grand manner. The dance form presented during this festival is performed by a troupe of men, who belong to some specific communities. This dance is performed on melodious beats of folk songs that narrate ancient tales, which in turn make the show astonishing. The dancers wear dramatic costumes and make-up, which is done to make them look like mythical creatures and supernatural human beings. Large decorative headgears and coconut leaves form important parts of this colourful ensemble.

A visit to the state during this grand dance festival can be a fulfilling experience. You can do so by availing the best one out of the various Kerala holiday packages available online. These packages include usual facilities like accommodation and travelling.


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