Leh Ladakh Tour: An Insight into the Culture and Tradition of the Cold Desert of India

Surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, Ladakh is a pristine province, which is known for its unique landscapes. Leh that serves as the capital of this province is situated in the northernmost part of India. This place is home to many Buddhist monasteries, which attract tourists due to their peaceful atmosphere. The high mountain passes and deep cliffs in this region provide an exciting expedition for adventure enthusiasts. While gurgling rivers running down the deserted valleys form a haunting view, the high altitude lakes offer a charming visual delight. Not only picturesque surroundings, this place has a lot more for its visitors. A number of local fairs and festivals are held in Ladakh every year, which provide a great insight into its culture and lifestyle. There are many websites related to India holidays, which have plenty of relevant information about these festivals.

Ladakh Festival 2013

If you are planning a Leh Ladakh tour somewhere in September, then you would get a golden opportunity to attend the colourful Ladakh Festival. This is a fabulous celebration, which was started to promote its art and cultural heritage. The rich tradition of this place is depicted in this festival, where a number of dances, events and religious rituals are held. The starting point of this grand event is Leh, where it begins with pomp and grandeur. People are seen dressed in colorful traditional outfits, which depict their attachment to cultural values. Competitions for local and traditional sports like archery and polo are organised in this cultural fair, which draw participation from people of different villages. The cultural programmes – folk dances, songs and performances by local bands are some of the other major highlights of this event.

In past few years, this festival has become one of the most popular attractions in Ladakh as it is where you come to know more about the civilization of this isolated valley. Details about this festival can be collected from the official tourism website of the district, where you can find information about the venue and dates of the event. Plan a trip to Ladakh during September to experience the cultural richness of this place.



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