Explore and Appreciate the Beauty of Baratang Courtesy Andaman Tour Packages

Andaman is one of the few chosen tourist destinations for which numerous holiday packages in India are available. The beautiful island is home to picturesque beaches, impressive coral reefs and exotic marine life, among other natural and man-made marvels. One of the popular places to visit here is the island of Baratang. This island has everything for which Andaman is famous – stunning beaches, limestone caves and exciting activities.

The moment you will step on this island, you would surely agree that nature has been partial to Baratang. No matter wherever you go in Andaman, the first stop has to be the beaches, and Baratang is no exception. This island also boasts of striking beaches, like Rogalchang Beach, Baludera Beach and Nayadera Beach. At the beaches, you can simply relax and get the desired tan or indulge in beach-sports. If you have ample time in hand, then you can also visit the nearby beaches like Cuthbert Bay Beach and Spike Island, to name a few.

Baratang boasts of mud volcano near Jarawa Creek, which many people might not have even heard about. These mud volcanoes, called as jalki by locals, are worth a visit. Owing to the uniqueness of the mud volcano, it figures in the itineraries of almost all the Andaman tour packages. You can also explore the mangrove forests by means of a boat ride. During the ride, you can catch a glimpse of stunning limestone caves along with saltwater crocodiles. The limestone caves located in Nayadera are a visual treat and should not be missed when on this island.

Tothatekri is another beautiful place on this island that you must visit. If you are interested in bird watching, then you can head to the Parrot Island, where you can watch parrots in large numbers, especially before sunset – when they return home. With such varied options available, Baratang is one of a tropical paradise.


One thought on “Explore and Appreciate the Beauty of Baratang Courtesy Andaman Tour Packages

  1. Hi i am Amita, Such a nice blog very good information for andaman tours Andaman is amazing… Beautiful.. Awesome… It totally rocks.Andaman and Nicobar Islands are definitely the most beautiful Islands in Asia and its beaches are Most Famous after Goa.

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