Pamper Your Taste Buds with Kashmiri Wazwan during Kashmir Holidays

Leading travel websites offer various tour packages in India, but a tour to Kashmir remains the most sought-after one. Kashmir allures tourists from across the country owing to its scenic beauty; however, this place is not only about picturesque landscape but a lot more such as religious shrines, handicrafts and delicious food. Speaking of food, one of the famous cuisine of this place is called Kashmiri Wazwan, which is a 36 course meal. The secret of this cuisine lies in the records of history when Timur, a Turkic ruler, invaded Kashmir in 1398 AD. After this invasion, many cooks from Samarkand (native place of Timur) migrated here to serve the ruler and his kin, and brought along the recipe for this mouth-watering meal. If you are planning a vacation trip to this amazing destination, then do try this 36 course meal, and chances are that you might just fall in love with it. You can avail any of the Kashmir tour packages available online to come and enjoy here.

 Kashmiri Wazwan

This meal was once cooked for royal people, but today, it is relished at festivities and restaurants. Although this cuisine has an influence of Afghan, Central Asian and Iranian cooking styles, the aroma of Indian spices added to it brings out a unique blend. A lot of detailing goes into the preparation of Kashmiri Wazwan and more so in serving it in a traditional way.

 The preparation of this cuisine is considered an art and is supervised by a head chef. Dishes of this banquet include Nadir Yakhn (lotus stem in yogurt sauce), Aab Gosht (spicy lamb curry), Rista (meatballs in a spicy red gravy), Gushtaba (meatballs having velvety texture in yogurt gravy) and Phirni (dessert). This aromatic meal can be tasted at popular eating joints. Your Kashmir holidays can be wonderful in many ways, and one such reason could be Kashmiri Wazwan.


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