A Trip to Solang Valley Can Make Manali Holidays More Memorable

There are many places to go for holidays in India, but if you love peaceful and yet adventurous vacations, then nothing can beat Manali. This quaint hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh is enveloped by thick pinewoods, snow peaks and the perennial Beas River. The originating point of this river is Beas Kund. Situated close to Beas Kund is the breathtaking Solang Valley, a major tourist spot in this place. If you are planning to visit this beautiful attraction, then you can go for Manali tour packages as most of these packages include a trip to the Solang Valley.

 Charm of the Valley

This valley offers splendid views of glaciers and snow-clad mountains. Also famous as Snow Point, this pictorial valley is the ideal place to witness scenic natural beauty and admire verdant greenery. This place is not only excellent for sightseeing but also for pleasurable picnics. September to June is the best time to enjoy Manali Holidays, but when it comes to this Valley, it is wise to visit it in January and February as during these two months, you can indulge here in a plethora of adventure activities.

 Things to Do in the Valley

If you love the adrenalin rush, then a trip to the Solang Valley can be really exciting. A number of adventure activities such as skiing, skating, parachuting and paragliding are offered here. In addition, there institutes located in the valley that provide training courses for skiing to amateurs. So, if you have never done skiing, then this could be a great opportunity to learn it.

A holiday trip to this hill station and excursion to the Solang Valley can be a fantastic one with family or friends. Therefore, make a move to come here at the earliest to have fun and to get adventurous.


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