Witness the Illusion of the Magnet Hill Courtesy Ladakh Holiday Packages

Ladakh is one place, where every adventure enthusiast in the country wishes to visit, and why not? The high mountains, hilly terrains and scenic landscapes attract one and all. Though there are many adventure activities that can be enjoyed here; however, there is a place in these valleys that everyone with a streak of adventure must visit – the Magnet Hill. This hill is believed to possess some magnetic properties, which can pull cars uphill. To visit this amazing place, you can book Ladakh Holiday Packages that usually include a trip to this area.

The Magnet Hill

This hill is situated on the national highway from Leh via Kargil to Srinagar, which is perched at 11,000 feet above sea level and is 30 Km away from the town of Leh. It is said that the magnetic properties on this hill is so much that aircraft increase their altitude to avoid any magnetic interference. However, in reality, this effect can be attributed to an optical illusion, because a slight downhill slope appears to be an uphill one owing to its surroundings. There are many such hills in other parts of the world. In the last decade or so, this hill has become a popular stop for many domestic tourists who are on travelling by their cars.

If you are planning to do some adventure, then a Leh Ladakh tour can be a fantastic choice. There is so much to do in terms of adventure in these places that you will find yourself short of time. This is the reason may be why, Ladakh is one of the sought-after holiday destination in India. You can book package tours for Leh and Ladakh with leading travel websites to get the best deals. Once you do that you can head to the splendid valleys of Ladakh to actually see the optical illusion of the Magnet Hill.


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