Witness an account of the Indian Freedom Struggle with Andaman Tour Packages

Andaman is one of the pristine islands on earth, boasting of unspoilt beaches and evergreen forests that make it a sought-after holiday destination in India. Besides cruises and adventure sports, there is a lot that tourists can indulge in when in the Andaman Islands. One such thing can be a visit to the famous Cellular Jail. Before Indian independence, this jail was used by the British to prison India freedom activists. Also known as Kala Pani, the Cellular Jail witnessed the brutal atrocities met out to all those activists who were rebelling against the British empire. You can choose for Andaman tour packages to come and visit this historical jail.


The construction of this prison was initiated in the year 1896 and was completed in 1906. This building is made from bricks that were brought from Burma (present day Myanmar). The jail is constructed as a 3 storey structure with 7 wings, where each wing extends out from the Central Tower like the spokes of a wheel. There are more than 690 cells in this jail, with each cell measuring 13.5 feet by 7 feet. The cells have been build in such a manner that the front portion of each wing faces the back of the other. This was done to isolate inmates from each other and to minimize any chance of conversation between them.

Sound and Light Show

Every evening, the Cellular Jail comes alive with the sound and light show that is held in its premises at 6 pm. This show goes on for about 40 minutes, depicting the heroic saga of the freedom fighters of the Indian independence struggle, and the pain and suffering they faced in the cells of this prison. To be a part of this show, you can choose any of the Andaman holiday packages that include a visit to the Cellular Jail.


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