Enjoy the Scenic Beauty of the Backwaters with Kerala Holiday Package

If you wish to go on a peaceful holiday with your family, then nothing can beat a vacation that is spent exploring the backwaters of Kerala. Words like serene and pristine is what anyone would associate with the backwaters of Kerala that draw tourists to this amazing state, over and over again. The coastal areas of the state boast of a network of waterways – lakes, canals, estuaries of over forty rivers and inlets from the sea, which form the backwaters. Almost over 900 Km of these backwaters are navigable, and since centuries, they have been used by localities for transportation. Tourists can go for a Kerala Holiday package that generally includes stay on a houseboat on the scenic backwaters of Kerala.

Flora and Fauna

The splendid Palm trees, leafy plants, Pandanus shrubs and bushes alongside the backwaters make for a mesmerizing landscape. In and around the backwaters, there is the existence of many varied species of aquatic life that includes frogs, mud skippers, crabs and birds such as cormorants, darters and kingfishers while animals like turtles and otters.

Prominent Backwater Cruises

Backwater cruises are a hit among visitors to Kerala, and some of the best ones are offered in Kuttanad, Kochi, Kollam, Alappuzha, Kasaragod and Kozhikode. These cruises are carried out on large boats, called Kettuvalloms. Traditionally, these boats were used to transport harvested rice produced in the fields alongside the backwaters. Converted into houseboats, these boats have a sleeping area, dinning area and toilets. There is also a provision to cook on-board.

To make the most of your trip to Kerala, ensure that your tour package for Kerala includes cruises on the backwaters so that you can experience its beauty in the lap of nature. Kerala packages are quite popular among the various Travel packages in India offered by travel agents and travel portals. Therefore, while you plan for your trip keep an eye on the deal offers on Kerala tours.


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