Desert Camp Resorts of Jaisalmer

There are times when you feel stressed out of the fast paced life of cities and want to go to a faraway secluded place where you can take time out for letting your body unwind, regain its vitality by recreation and to set the pace of life at your own low level. Desert regions are one of these places where scarce habitations provide you a chance to set the pace of life on your own terms and get to unwind by being close to nature, in its manifestation as sand dunes. If you want to experience the true desert like holidays in India, Jaisalmer is the place you shall head to. And, if you are looking for the staying options, desert camp resorts provide memorable experiences of their own. Though there are a number of hotels in Jaisalmer such as the havelis, forts, palaces and even the modern hotels, it is living in the tents of deserts that have special charm of their own.

A typical, modern desert camp resort of Jaisalmer has all amenities for the people. There is a well laid out bedroom with personal almirah, study, chairs made of bamboo and other amenities such as water supply, air condition and clean washrooms. Some of the bigger and more luxurious resorts might even have spa and massage facility as well as common gathering areas for groups. The meals can be served either inside the tent rooms or in the open, next to bonfire in winters. Many of these also provide the option of traditional low-lying seating as well for dining purposes. SUVs are the most common mode of transportation used in the desert regions due to the presence of sand dunes.

These tents rooms or Jaisalmer hotels are generally enclosed within a walled boundary to provide a sense of security as well as added privacy to the tourists. The rooms are rather simply decorated with the wooden furniture bearing the hallmark of carvings of Rajasthan being used for practical purposes. To make the evenings more purposeful and recreational, the traditional folksingers, dancers and musicians might be performing at these resort camps, highlighting the multi-facet aspects of life of Rajasthan in general and Jaisalmer in particular.



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