Times Other Than Summers to Visit Shimla

While it is true that Shimla is frequented by tourists from far and wide, from within and outside the country, during the summer season, it is also a fact that there are certain other times during which the tourists can get something more to see, do and explore. So, if you are not able to make to Shimla during the summer months, there are other times during the year during which you can book the hotels in Shimla.


Shimla is covered with snow during the winters and these are the times when the people can enjoy some of the winter sporting activities. Ice Skating Carnival is held in Shimla during the winter months of December to February during which the tourists can enjoy sporting action such as skiing and ice-skating. Expert guidance is provided and there are coaches which impart the lessons on nuances of skiing and ice-skating.

Also, during the winter months, Bhoj festival is celebrated for three days in the month of November for deity Devta Bansor. During the month of February,  a festival called Gochi is celebrated in the Bhaga valley.

Celebrating Christmas during winters is a truly exhilarating experience. Everywhere the churches, markets and homes are illuminated and celebrating it under snowfall feels like heaven.

So, winters are also opportune times to visit this place and the Shimla hotels are usually booked in advance by people for these times as well. However, the rush of tourists is less during these times as compared with summers.


Rainy Season

You can even visit Shimla during the rainy season. The Rhyali Festival is held during this time to keep the gods of rain happy so that the agriculture is not affected by them. A number of other fairs are also held during the months of August, September and October.


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