Holidaying in Ladakh: The land of high passes

Lakes and PassesLadakh is a land like no other. It is bounded by two of the world’s mightiest mountain ranges, The Great Himalaya and Karakoram. Lies at altitudes ranging from 9000ft to 26000ft, it is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in India and in the world. The temperature ranges from 25 degree Celsius in summers to minus 35 degree Celsius in winters. It has a mixed population of Buddhists and Muslims.

During your summer breaks if you are looking for a peaceful holiday with little adventure at a picturesque place, then Ladakh is the ideal destination. Ladakh is called the land of high passes. . Huge mountain ranges, beautiful lakes, snow peaked mountains, glaciers, numerous passes, army camps, clear skies, flora and fauna are the major tourist attractions and attract tourists from all over the world. It is a high altitude desert.

There many ways of getting there like flight, bus, car, and motorcycle. If you want to travel by motorcycle, may- June is the best time to travel as the routes are clear and open. However, there are many precautions to be taken before starting your journey with your own vehicle as you don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Ladakh is a perfect location for trekkers. For a traveler with a number of months in hand it is possible to travel from one end of Ladakh to the other. However there are various precautions to be taken into consideration while going on such a trip as people sometimes get lost and die.

Ladakh is not only home to the most beautiful and serene monasteries you’ll ever see, it is also a land of rich beauty and in fact it’s the natural beauty that hits you hard because it is a barren beauty. You will be perplexed, amazed, mesmerized or maybe hypnotized for that matter when you witness the land that is so heavenly and serene. Some travelers often are at a loss to understand how something so barren could be so beautiful. It is said that Ladakh is the only place where a man sitting in sun with his feet in the shade can suffer from sunstroke and frostbite at the same time..!!


Guess Why Mahabaleshwar hotels are going full? Strawberries!

It began in the year 2007. It added yet another dimension to the tourism of hill station of Mahabaleshwar. It is a foodie delight. It is nothing but the commonly found strawberries in this country which gave yet another identity to Mahabaleshwar, the famous tourist spot close to Pune in Maharashtra. Faced with the prospect of strawberry crops going waste in the wake of bumper crop in year 2007 and then again in 2008, the locals decided to organize a strawberry fest. The main attraction of this fest was that strawberries were offered free of costs to the tourists and they were taken to the farms where the crop was grown and were allowed to satisfy these to their contentment. This event led to increased bookings of hotels in Mahabaleshwar since the people would come from the nook and corner of the country to participate in this festival.

So, it was crop saving venture event which became popular and is now a routine affair which attracts tourists even from the international countries. The event has now got a reason as well. It is to promote the strawberries and its various products. The three day festival is now held every year From February 9 to 11 for three days in Pune. During the course of this festival the cheap hotels in Mahabaleshwar also witness good bookings. This fest is huge hit among the people. In this fest, it is not just the strawberries but also the products such as strawberry milkshake, strawberry cream and the strawberry lassi which is offered to the tourists.

It is important to note that the agro-climatic conditions of Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar favor the growing of this crop and these two places are famous for their production. The main markets of the produce are Mumbai, Pune and other nearby cities where it can be transported with ease and with less chances of perishing.

Desert Camp Resorts of Jaisalmer

There are times when you feel stressed out of the fast paced life of cities and want to go to a faraway secluded place where you can take time out for letting your body unwind, regain its vitality by recreation and to set the pace of life at your own low level. Desert regions are one of these places where scarce habitations provide you a chance to set the pace of life on your own terms and get to unwind by being close to nature, in its manifestation as sand dunes. If you want to experience the true desert like holidays in India, Jaisalmer is the place you shall head to. And, if you are looking for the staying options, desert camp resorts provide memorable experiences of their own. Though there are a number of hotels in Jaisalmer such as the havelis, forts, palaces and even the modern hotels, it is living in the tents of deserts that have special charm of their own.

A typical, modern desert camp resort of Jaisalmer has all amenities for the people. There is a well laid out bedroom with personal almirah, study, chairs made of bamboo and other amenities such as water supply, air condition and clean washrooms. Some of the bigger and more luxurious resorts might even have spa and massage facility as well as common gathering areas for groups. The meals can be served either inside the tent rooms or in the open, next to bonfire in winters. Many of these also provide the option of traditional low-lying seating as well for dining purposes. SUVs are the most common mode of transportation used in the desert regions due to the presence of sand dunes.

These tents rooms or Jaisalmer hotels are generally enclosed within a walled boundary to provide a sense of security as well as added privacy to the tourists. The rooms are rather simply decorated with the wooden furniture bearing the hallmark of carvings of Rajasthan being used for practical purposes. To make the evenings more purposeful and recreational, the traditional folksingers, dancers and musicians might be performing at these resort camps, highlighting the multi-facet aspects of life of Rajasthan in general and Jaisalmer in particular.


Go Goa this summer

Often called as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Goa, a tiny beautiful land on the west coast of India, was liberated from the Portuguese rule in 1961. It is the smallest and the most developed state in India. For the purpose of administration Goa is divided into two districts, north and south Goa with their headquarters at Panaji big-shutterstock_85196866and Margao respectively. With the rule of Portuguese for over 450 years, their rich culture and heritage, evidently seen and felt especially in the historic city of  Margao.  It’s an amazing gateway to visit this summer while you get away from your mundane work life.

Goa is renowned for the beautiful beaches, architectural brilliance and rich heritage. Much of the real Goa is in its interiors. The old houses, the churches, temples and magnificent scenic beauty have made Goa a favorite destination among the travelers all around the world. It is in fact much more than the beaches and sea. The soul of Goa is in its unique history, rich culture, Goan culture and natural scenery.

Every year Goa encounters more than 2 million tourists. The climate of Goa remains hot and humid most of the time of the year due to its close proximity to the Arabian Sea. May is the hottest month followed by the monsoon season from June to September. Winters are short and Goa city looks amazingly beautiful with lights and decorations, festivals and parties as Christmas and New year is round the corner. It is visited by people from far and wide, from within and outside the country, during the summer season.  The Bom Jesus Cathedral, Fort Aguada and a new wax museum of Indian history are one of the famous tourist destinations.

Goa is a very beautiful city with excellent beaches, churches, temples, the brilliant architectural old houses, the Goan culture, the warm people  and most importantly the laid back life. It brings the travelers back time and again because it’s never enough. Summer or winter, there’s never a wrong time to visit this city as it welcomes you with arms wide open. Take a break from your busy schedule and give yourself a chance to fall in love with this amazing city this summer.

Times Other Than Summers to Visit Shimla

While it is true that Shimla is frequented by tourists from far and wide, from within and outside the country, during the summer season, it is also a fact that there are certain other times during which the tourists can get something more to see, do and explore. So, if you are not able to make to Shimla during the summer months, there are other times during the year during which you can book the hotels in Shimla.


Shimla is covered with snow during the winters and these are the times when the people can enjoy some of the winter sporting activities. Ice Skating Carnival is held in Shimla during the winter months of December to February during which the tourists can enjoy sporting action such as skiing and ice-skating. Expert guidance is provided and there are coaches which impart the lessons on nuances of skiing and ice-skating.

Also, during the winter months, Bhoj festival is celebrated for three days in the month of November for deity Devta Bansor. During the month of February,  a festival called Gochi is celebrated in the Bhaga valley.

Celebrating Christmas during winters is a truly exhilarating experience. Everywhere the churches, markets and homes are illuminated and celebrating it under snowfall feels like heaven.

So, winters are also opportune times to visit this place and the Shimla hotels are usually booked in advance by people for these times as well. However, the rush of tourists is less during these times as compared with summers.


Rainy Season

You can even visit Shimla during the rainy season. The Rhyali Festival is held during this time to keep the gods of rain happy so that the agriculture is not affected by them. A number of other fairs are also held during the months of August, September and October.

Top 7 destinations to visit this summer

The most awaited time of the year, the summers, is here. As the kids have their summer breaks now, it is very imperative to go on a vacation which could rejuvenate their mind, body and souls. Here I bring to you the 7 most sought after destinations spread across India.

Shimla           Image

The summer capital of British India, located at 2200 meters at the foothill of the Himalayas lies the capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla.  It is the most sought-after destinations during the summers to beat the heat and make the most of this city covered in snow. There are numerous tourist attractions. The snow-capped mountains, the extensive green belt, the climate and the winter sports make this city the most visited during the summers.


Another tourist destination in the foothills of Himalayas located in the Beas River Valley in Himachal Pradesh is Manali. It is located 270 km north of Shimla. Some refer to it as ‘Valley of Gods’. It’s an amazing gateway to break the monotony from your work schedule and beat the sweltering heat as you enjoy the adventure sports amidst the snow capped mountains. Manali has a picturesque site-seeing spots. manali It is an amazing place for a holiday. A favorite place for trekkers. The lush green forest of pine and deodar trees and fruit orchids makes it an amazing hill station in summers. Just 40 kms away from Kullu district, it is a popular junction for all seasons and for all travelers.


Paradise on Earth as said by the Mughal Emperor, Jehangir, the more you talk about the beauty of this city the less it is. It is one of the most beautiful and most visited destinations around the world. It is the northernmost state of the India, a part of the Great Himalayas. The landscape is just breathtaking. In spite of the militant insurgency and political instability, the valley never saw the decline in tourism. It is reported that a million tourists visited Kashmir in 2011. Image It is famous for its beautiful mountain ranges and has one of the world’s tallest mountain peaks. It is a fantastic place for a holiday. Skiing, adventure sports, Buddhism temples, the Lakes, the snow-capped peaks, wildlife and nearby cities like Leh Ladakh are the major tourist destinations. Jhelum river is the only major river that flows through Kashmir Valley. The Valley  is known for its natural beauty and makes you wonder how amazing the nature is. Kashmir is a wonderland or dreamland as I say which is not to be missed at any cost.


When the office feels mundane and the kids are pushing you to take them out, nothing defines a peaceful vacation like Kerala. It has the highest literacy rate, highest human Development Index, highest life expectancy and the highest sex ratio. The backwaters, beaches, Ayurvedic tourism and the lush green city make it an important tourist destination. It is the cleanest and the least corrupted state in India. Kerala has a wet climate. It rains for almost 140 days a year, of course an awesome treat in summers.  Image According to National Geographic’s Traveler magazine it is one of the ten paradises in the world and 50 must see destinations of the life time. Kerala’s beaches, mountain ranges, wildlife are the major attractions. 10 million tourists visited Kerala in 2011. It is a must visit destination to beat the heat, take a break, soothe your body and soul and feel the heaven on earth. Indeed, The god’s own country.


The Andaman Islands are a group of Islands in the Bay of Bengal with Port Blair as its capital. If you are looking for picturesque beaches and beautiful sunsets, Andaman is the place. Image The Flora and Fauna of Andaman are extremely rich. It is a very attractive tourist destination and attracts people from all over the world. Water sports, beautiful marine life, the lush deciduous forests, incredible corals, sea foods and near-deserted beaches are the major tourist attractions. Andaman islands are also very well known for prized shellfish. The beauty of these god’s islands (as called by an Italian traveler) is worth a penny.


The smallest state in India by area and the richest in terms of GDP, Goa is ranked on top for the best quality of life in India on 12 indicators. Renowned for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture is what Goa is known for. The beaches the one of the most visited ones in the world. Image Tourists from all over the world visit Goa for its beautiful beaches, Goan culture, architectural richness, flora and fauna and water sports. Goa is highly influenced by Portuguese culture. Goa attracts tourists in all the seasons and is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Excellent beaches and rich heritage make it a must visit junction.


Ladakh, famously known as the ‘land of high passes’ is a region in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Ladakh is a high altitude desert where monsoons are rare. The landscape is just amazing and picturesque. The beautiful clear water lakes and the Himalayan range attract lots of tourists from all over the world. Ladakh also attracts astronomers because of high altitude and clear skies. ladakh It is a really beautiful place to visit. Mountaineers, adventurers and trekkers love this place and visit Ladakh from all over the world. It is not advisable to visit Ladakh in winters as the temperature drops down to -35 degree Celsius.  It is an attractive tourist place in summers.