Factors Boosting Online Travel and Yatra’s Initiative to Meet this Demand

The Indian travel and tourism industry is all set to grow at a thunderous rate over the coming years. The sector is estimated to grow at an average annual rate of 7.9% up to 2023, which pegs India as the third fastest growing tourism destination over the next decade. The burgeoning industry owes its growth to a plethora of factors.

Factors that Boost Online Travel Industry:

1) Increasing internet and mobile penetration: India has the third largest base of internet users in the world and it is expected to take the number two position, very soon. M-commerce and mobile apps are the new way of boosting business and this sector is expected to see major growth. The travel industry too is following suite and now booking your dream vacation is actually just a click away.

2) Burgeoning middle class: The middle class population is expected to grow at a steady rate in the next decade. And with increasing incomes and the growing spending power of the middle class, frequent vacations both domestic and international, are high on the radar of the middle class. Long weekends, school vacations etc. regularly finds consumers taking a break from the daily rigmarole of life and going on holiday.

3) Plastic Money: Increasing use of plastic money or credit and debit cards has now made booking a vacation an almost seamless affair. Now there is no need to go to the bank and withdraw money to book a ticket or hotel. Infact the number of deals being offered by portals for payments made through credit cards is high. Banks and financial institutions are also making use of this opportunity and incentivising their customers to use their cards.

4) Highly competitive rates: Both airlines and hotels are regularly indulging in fare wars making it a win-win situation for customers. Tickets as low as Rs 1000 are being offered by airlines. Hotels too, are fast engaging in means that will increase their occupancy rates. Hotels in tier 3 and 4 are offering comfortable rooms at throw away prices. This is making travel a very pocket friendly and an endearing recreation opportunity for people.

Yatra, an online travel portal is a one stop shop for all kinds of travel services. From hotels, to tickets, to travel itineraries, especially customised for it’s customers, Yatra is a favourite of one and all. Recently it was recognised as India’s Most Trusted Online Brand by The Economic Times survey of 2015.
Keeping in the mind the exponential growth expected in tourism, Yatra has extended its platform to all tour and travel operators under the Yatra Partner Program.

Yatra Partner Program
Absolutely unique and first of it’s kind, Yatra has launched the ‘Yatra Partner Program’, an amazing platform where tour and travel operators can exhibit their holiday packages online, under their very own brand name. This concept brings tour operators and travellers under one umbrella.
This incredible concept gives travel operators the opportunity to reach out to 14 million monthly visitors. They can list their holiday packages for free on Yatra website while enjoying commision at lowest industry rate.
Moreover, with simple payment gateways, message facility to directly connect with customers and with an ultra modern tech platform to market various kinds of holiday packages, this delightful concept will surely help boost Indian tourism.

Therefore, Yatra is the best online market place for tour and travel operators and beckons them to join hands in creating many more happy travellers. Register yourself for the <Yatra Partner Program> and reach out to millions of customers on India’s leading travel portal – Yatra.com

Written by Pallak Bhatnagar, Yatra.com


Customer is King – As Tour and Travel Operators Join Yatra.com

Every year, an estimated 4000 tour and travel operators in India help organise family vacations. However, it sometimes becomes a hassle to rope in customers either due to lack of credibility of the tour operators or due to inability of the tour operator to reach out to the target audience. Hence a tour operator’s job is certainly not an easy one!

Winds of Change
However times have changed and so has the travel industry. With a boom in the Indian e-commerce industry – shopping, fashion and travel options are now just a click away for consumers. However with so many sites vying for consumer attention, making a mark in the digital space is not an easy game, and companies need to invest money and efforts to establish their brands.
As a travel operator, if you are looking to boost your travel business and taking it to a higher scale, then you have an easy option. Partner with Yatra.com and immediately get online visibility by getting your holiday packages listed for free on Yatra.com

Why Yatra?
Yatra receives an estimated 6 lakh page views daily and also receives a lot of traffic through it’s recently launched mobile app. So undoubtedly, as a travel operator one will be reaching out to a huge audience. Also you don’t need to worry about losing out on your brand name – as your packages will be on Yatra.com under your own name!
Yatra with its Yatra Partner Program, provides a unique platform for tour and travel operators to showcase their domestic and international holiday packages online. This distinctive concept brings tour operators and customers under one roof and in direct contact with each another.

Customer is King
As a customer, one can avail many discounts and get a wide variety in terms of holiday packages, besides total transparency on which tour operator you are dealing with. Visit a historical site or spend your days lazing around at a beach in leisure. The holiday packages in this marketplace are flexible, suiting the needs of travellers. Hence, there is something for everybody out here!
With a facility where the vendors and the customers can connect directly through a chat system, the process of booking a holiday is now easy and less time consuming. A live platform where people plan happy memories.

In sum:
Therefore, Yatra is the perfect online market place for tour and travel operators in India. Register yourself on the Yatra Partner Program and reach out to millions of customers at India’s leading travel portal, Yatra.com

Written by Pallak Bhatnagar, Yatra.com

Enjoying 3 Wonderful Adventures with Andaman Tourism

A renowned Sufi poet had once said, “If there is paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here” for Kashmir; and truly, it is hard to disagree. Though one can disagree on the fact that Kashmir is not the only paradise on earth; there are numerous other destinations across the globe that can easily claim this recognition. One among them is the Andaman Islands, which lies in the Bay of Bengal, just off the mainland of India. These islands, 325 in total, are spread over an area of approximately 6400 sq km and dotted with pristine beaches, tropical and deciduous forests, and mangroves on the coast. Natural beauty is in abundance at this place, and thus, it attracts hordes of travellers from around the world, boosting Andaman tourism each year.

The archipelago of Andaman enjoys a moderate climate across the year, with temperatures hovering between 23 and 31 degree Celsius; though, humidity levels shoot up during the summer months. The best time to explore this destination is from October to May when the weather remains ideal for sightseeing, water sports and adventure activities. This destination is connected to the rest of India by air with regular flights to Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair as well as by sea with ships coming here from Vishakhapatnam, Kolkata and Chennai. If you choose to travel by flight to the Andaman, which is by far the fastest way to reach here, then do keep your cameras ready to capture some fantastic aerial shots of the archipelago as you near Port Blair.

Adventure in Abundance

 Sightseeing has always been the first choice for most tourists to this destination, but in recent years, the trend has shifted more towards adventure activities, especially among couples, who come here on Andaman honeymoon packages.

Scuba Diving

 Diving into the deep blue sea waters of the Bay of Bengal, and swimming past schools of colorful fish, meandering through coral reefs and witnessing never-seen marine life is an experience that cannot be captured in words, but only felt; and this opportunity is provided by scuba diving experts at Havelock Island and Neil Island. You should definitely try out this activity, and as some say, you will love to do it over and over again.

Sea Walking

Imagine, how would you feel like walking across the seabed and witness marine life from up close? Well, it is possible in reality at the North Bay Island in Andaman. It is quite fun to go 10 metres deep into the sea, wear astronaut-like headgears and walk casually as if in a live museum of marine creatures. If you are an adventure seeker, then you should not miss out on this activity.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Another interesting activity to indulge in while in the Andaman is glass bottom boat ride. The best part about this activity is that people of any age can take this boat ride. This boat ride is conducted at Coral Island in North Bay, and gives opportunity to witness the sheer brilliance of marine life without having to go inside the water or wear any diving gears.

These 3 exciting adventures with Andaman packages will not only present you never-before fun, but memories that will you cherish forever.

3 Things that Make Goa Tourism A Hit Among Globetrotters

Why to go to some foreign land and spend more money, when India is already blessed with fantastic tourist destinations. Away from the boring city life, Goa is such an attractive place where everyone can enjoy to the fullest without regretting the choice of destination being made. Adventure sports, exotic cuisine, sun-kissed beaches, effervescent nightlife, budget-friendly accommodation to luxury resorts is what defines Goa at its best. These multifarious reasons make Goa tourism a hit among globetrotters. Here is a list of few things that one can do to enhance the Goa holiday experience.

Relish Rich Goan Delicacies


A visit to any of the holiday destinations is incomplete without trying its local delicacies. Think of some good food and find it at street-side stalls, shacks or plush restaurants. Goans believe that the three necessities of a meal are rice, curry and fish. Exhibiting a blend of Konkan, Portuguese and Muslim cuisines, Goan delicacies are mostly rich in spices, kokum and coconut milk. Moreover, the conventional way of cooking food in a clay pot lends a smoky flavour to the dishes. Tourists on Goa tours can sample a wide range of culinary delights, such as fish curry, prawn balchao, sorpotel and chouricos.

The gastronomic wonders of Goa are not just limited to the sharp taste of the seafood. The impeccable fusion has also contributed to the sinful taste of the scrumptious sweet dishes. Travellers with a sweet tooth can relish an array of desserts like bebinca, dodol, serradura and kulkuls while on a tour of this small state.

Witness the Effervescent Nightlife


The lively nightlife of Goa has no comparison with the other party hubs in the country. From the amazing discotheques and clubs to the lively beach parties, Goa encompasses a wide spectrum of choices for partying. Backpackers on Goa tours can celebrate the true essence of this state by enjoying the happening beach parties. The most preferred trance party spot is Baga Beach, popular for midnight festivity.

The nightlife of Goa can be best enjoyed at Titos Lane where one can find some of the most electrifying clubs and bars. While availing Goa tour packages, tourists can enjoy the party on cruises, floating over the Mandovi River. The entertaining performances of the musicians add to the charm of this smallest state of India.

Enjoy Adventure Water Sports


Vacationers can give their adrenaline a rush by indulging in adventurous sports activities, offered at the pristine beaches of Goa. The azure waters of the sea provide excellent opportunities for the same that makes Goa tourism a popular choice. Partake in thrilling beach activities like windsurfing, water skiing and angling land later sit back and enjoy the setting sun. To explore the marine life, including the colourful fishes, coral heads and lobsters, travellers can also try scuba diving.

These and many more such experiences make Goa tourism a popular choice among holidaymakers.

3 Must Things To Do on Delhi Tours

The capital of India, New Delhi is sprinkled with dazzling gems like insightful museums, ancient monuments, art galleries and many eateries. This city has not left even a single stone upturned in alluring the heart of tourists, and globetrotters on Delhi tours can a do a lot of things that make up for a perfect holiday. Two different worlds co-exist in this city with their unique specialities. The Old Delhi consists of narrow lanes, ageing architectural buildings, while New Delhi is marked by modernity making it one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. Here is a list of few things that travelers can do to make their holidays in Delhi even more interesting.

Visit India Gate

India Gate New Delhi

Located in the heart of the city, India Gate is the most prominent attraction that people can visit while spending their holidays in Delhi. Standing on a low-base made of Bharatpur stone, this war monument was built in order to commemorate the Indian soldiers, who lost their lives during the First World War. The walls of the gate are marked by the names of these martyrs. Another memorial, Amar Jawan Jyoti is lighted throughout the day and night under the arch of India Gate. The colourful fountains lit during the night add to the magnificence of this place. Travelers can enjoy a leisure walk in the green lawns surrounding the monument, which is an ideal tourist spot.

Taste the Amazing Street Food

India Gate New Delhi

Travelers on Delhi tours can tickle their taste buds with scrumptious food that can be found in almost every street of the city. The famous Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi, often called the food capital of India, is the best place to relish delicious street food. The area is filled with the aroma of the food that tempts people to give a try to these mouth-watering delicacies. The streets of this place are filled with sellers of sweet and rich breads soaked in ghee. The essence of the street food of Delhi lies in the delicious chat consisting of a mixture of crispy fried bread, pieces of potato, dahi bhalla and sweet and sour spices.

It is the only place in Delhi where travelers can have paya and nihari. A range of non-vegetarian dishes that can be savored by tourists here is shami kebab, shahjahani korma and mutton korma. Those with a sweet tooth can binge on sinful kulfi, offered in different flavors like kewra, banana, rose, kesar and pista.

Explore Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple New Delhi
Located in the east of Nehru Place, Lotus Temple is the last of the seven major temples of Bahai in the world that travelers can explore while availing Delhi holiday packages. Built in the shape of the Lotus flower, the temple was completed in the year 1986. Made of pure white marble, the structure comprises 29 petals around which there are nine pools that are naturally lit. People of every religion come here to meditate and attain peace as the symbol of lotus is common to every religion.

To have an unforgettable experience, holidaymakers can do these three things on Delhi tours.

Explore 3 Attractions with Karnataka Tour Packages

Karnataka, located in the Southwestern region of India, is popular among tourists for majestic temples and lavish structures. Soaked in traditions, the state is dotted with numerous attractions like Mysore Palace, Karanji Lake and Chennakesava Temple. People looking forward to visit these places can book various Karnataka tour packages offered by online travel agencies (OTAs). These packages often cover all the prominent attractions that can be explored during their visit to this state, and here is a list of popular ones that are often included in it.

Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park

Situated in the city of Bengaluru, Cubbon Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions that one should not miss while enjoying Karnataka holidays. It has been named after Sir Mark Cubbon – the erstwhile Viceroy of India. The park is a home to about 6000 species of trees and plants, including cassia fistula, Schinus molle and rare species like Delonix and Grevillea Robusta. Travellers can see a large number of government buildings in this park like the government museum, public library and the high court.

One of the worth exploring structures here is Attara Kacheri, which is built in stones and exhibits the Gothic architectural style. It is a two-storey building, situated at the entrance of the park. The State Archaeological Museum comprises antique items, such as old coins and inscriptions, belonging to the Mohenjodaro Period. There is also a toy train that is operated for the amusement of children. Travellers looking for peace can spend some quality time in this park.

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace

People on Karnataka tours can visit Mysore Palace, located in the heart of the Mysore city. It is a three-storey building with domes of pink colour marble. The Doll Pavilion at the entrance of museum displays antique items made of silver, gold, ivory and marble from all over the world. The Royal Marriage Hall behind this court is the most attractive portion of this palace, followed by a huge open-air court. Travellers can see details of the festivals and ceremonies of the bygone era depicted in the oil paintings that are hung on the walls of the corridors of this palace.

Badami Cave Temples

Badami Temple

With Karnataka tour packages, tourists can explore the Badami Cave Temples, situated between the two rocky hills. It is a complex structure consisting of four cave temples carved out of the soft Badami red sandstone out of a cliff. Built in the Dravidian and Nagara styles of architecture, these caves feature inscriptions in old Kannada script. The first three caves are the Hindu temples, and the fourth cave belongs to the Buddhist faith. The first cave of the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and features the idol of his incarnation of Nataraja. The entrance of the cave is decorated with different images of Shiva in dance postures. Its ceilings feature the images of Shiva and Parvati and his serpent.

Dedicated to Vishnu, the second cave of the temple is on the top of a sandstone hill, is portrayed as a dwarf and boar. The third cave of the biggest of all the caves. Highlighting the Deccani art, it throws light on the culture and art of the 6th century that includes jewellery costumes. The fourth cave belongs to Jain, and consists of the carvings of Padmavathi and Tirthankaras.

Holidaymakers can explore these three attractions with Karnataka tour packages.

Exploring 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites with Holiday Tour Packages to India

India, often called the Land of Mystery, is one of the most sought after destinations among tourists. From lush green rolling plains to highest mountain peaks and exotic shimmering beaches to golden deserts, this place has something to offer to all types of travellers. In addition to these alluring attractions, it also houses a number of remarkable architectural wonders. Here is a list of three UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites that can be explored by travellers by booking holiday tour packages to India.

Konark Sun Temple

Located in the Indian state Odisha, Konark Sun Temple is one of the most revered shrines in country. It was built by the king Narasimhadeva I, back in the 13th century. A fine example of the marvellous Kalinga architecture, this temple is known for minute detailing and precision. Even after centuries, it has not lost its charm that testifies the ingenious work done by Orissan artists. Dedicated to the Sun God, it is popular for the flawless cut of animal and human figures, brilliant traceries and fine scroll work. It is regarded as chariot of the god that has 12 pairs of intricately carved wheels pulled by seven horses. The best things about this temple are its alignment on the east and west directions, and pleasant natural surroundings. Travellers can witness the marvel of this monument by booking holiday tour packages to India.

Taj Mahal

The symbol of love, Taj Mahal is not only a UNESCO-listed site, but is also one of the eight wonders in the world. It is said that this mesmerising mausoleum was built by Shah Jahan in remembrance of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Crafted by the best artisans, this monument is a fine example of the Mughal architectural style. Built by using white marble and precious stones, it is an epitome of beauty. In addition to this, gardens in the surrounding and geometrical patterns add magnificence to this structure. This is the region that most holiday packages to India include it in the must-see attractions list.

Qutab Minar

Built by Qutab-und-din-Aibak, this 73 metres high victory tower was the highest structure back in the 12th century. This five-storied tower was constructed after the Last Hindu kingdom was defeated in the year 1993. The first three stories are built by using red sandstone, whereas rest two include marble work as well. The Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, located at the foot of the tower, is one of the oldest mosques in the country.

People interested in history and architecture can include these three UNESCO-listed sites in their holiday packages to India.